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The ultimate Microsoft Exchange alternative

SmarterMail is a scalable business email, live chat and collaboration server that meets the needs of any sized business, from the sole proprietorship to an enterprise organization or service provider with thousands of domains and millions of users.


  • Exchange-Level Email Servers SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level mail server features for a fraction of the cost.

  • Exchange ActiveSync for industry standard synchronization Syncing SmarterMail with most smartphones is quick, easy and automatic with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

  • Advanced Webmail Access your email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes in the office, on the road, or at home with SmarterMail's leading webmail interface.

  • Interface designed specifically for smartphones SmarterMail includes a simple, yet fully effective, mobile interface designed specifically for smartphone users. Managing email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes on Android, iPhone and Windows phones via the mobile interface is hassle-free and easier than ever.

  • Remote wipe for lost or stolen devices System administrators can now quickly, easily and securely wipe a synced mobile device from anywhere, at any time, using the SmarterMail Web interface.

  • Contact management SmarterMail’s contact managment allows users to keep detailed information on each person they communicate with, including the ability to log multiple email addresses per contact.

  • Mail Box Migration Simplify the process of switching email server software with SmarterMail.

  • Email Archiving SmarterMail mail server provides searchable message archiving at the mailbox, domain, and system level for inbound and outbound email messages and complies with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Industry Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulatory requirements.

  • Smartermail Security SmarterMail boasts the strongest anti-spam and anti-virus features out-of-the-box, achieving 97% spam protection upon setup and installation. Plus, SmarterMail includes dozens of security protocols that prevent the mail server from being compromised.

  • Live CHAT with domain users A fully integrated XMPP (Jabber) based instant messaging system is available to instantly communicate with users within your hosted domain at NO EXTRA COST.

  • Collaboration and synchronization Enjoy full collaboration features and synchronize your email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes with desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook 13, Windows 8 Mail, Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Users can also sync the latest Apple, Android and Windows phones and tablets via techologies such as Exchange Web Services, Exchange ActiveSync, CalDAV, CardDAV and more.

  • 50 MB Max Email Size

  • 5 GBs of email storeage per Email Account

  • Cyren AnitSpam

  • Zero-Hour Antivirus

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