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Westmere Brown Bundle Yearly

Westmere Brown Bundle Yearly

Westmere Brown Bundle Yearly

Your Website Template

First, pick a bundled group of website tools that will make your website more user-friendly and dynamic, and will provide utility services to your clients.

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Next, choose what CMS Content Management System) platform you would like your website to run on.

  • MyWeb  - Most popular pick for entry-level website editors; easy to use, fast, economical and comes with built-in effective SEO.

  • WordPress  - Best pick for beginner bloggers and do-it-yourselfer's; and comes with the largest plug-in library.

  • Joomla  - Easiest for e-commerce, but requires more technical expertise. Biannual maintenance.

  • Drupal  - The most difficult to build, but the most powerful. It can do anything and the user interface is feature rich. Biannual maintenance.

Lease to Own Program: Increase your monthly payment and you own your website template after 14 months. That is a savings of more than over 50%.

Now, you can add email accounts at the bottom of the page, if one of these bundles does not offer enough email accounts.

  • Smartermail Lite comes with what you need, pop3 service, Cyren Premium Anti Spam, antivirus protection and webmail.

  • Smartermail comes with all the features of Smartermail Enterprise.

  •   Smartermail Exchange ActiveSync comes with what you want, all the features of Smartermail Enterprise and all the features of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Outlook 2013 desktop and above functions the same as Microsoft Exchange Server.

    • 50 MB Max Email Size

Last, you can add custom Search Engine Optimization service that will turbo charge your website and foster more call-ins. SEO is considered a must-have by marketing managers for any business that would like to grow its client base.

  • MyWeb  CMS - has SEO Built in for population areas less than 250,000 you might not need any addition SEO.

  • Rural - Best pick for target area populations less than 150,000.

  • Town - Most popular pick for target area populations more than 150,000.

  • City - Best pick for target area populations more than 500,000.

  • Metro - Most effective pick for target area populations more than 1 million.

Third party software, such as payment services, calendar services and analytics, can be added to these templates. Adding images, videos, formatting and image manipulation are all free.

Pay Yearly and Get 30 Days Free Every Year!! - No set-up fee if you order online.

You also get to transfer or register a domain Free for 1 year.

Service2Client utilizes IBM's Softlayer Network for website hosting and email. 

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