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7 Articles & Tools - Pay Monthly

7 Articles & Tools - Pay Monthly

7 Articles & Tools - Pay Monthly

Dynamic Content is an excellent new service to add to your website in order to give your prospective clients something to read while they are visiting your website.

  1. 7 Dynamic Content Artilces that inform readers in a general manner, often prompting them to call your office and ask, "How does this apply to me?"

  2. The Tax Calendar gives your clients an easy link to help keep them up-to-date on when certain documents are due

  3. The Track your Refund gives your clients a fast way to keep up with their money.

  4. The State and Federal Tax Links page will give your multi-state clients a one-stop platform for state income tax information.

  5. The Accounting Terms Glossary gives your clients the opportunity to look up words that they don't know.

  6. The Cartoon of the Month is a humorous addition to your website. You wouldn't believe how many people will come back to your site just to read the cartoon.

  7. The Library has very important life events for private and business affairs.

No Setup Fees if you order online.

  • Layout Content Original / Modern / Masonary   ***Layout can be changed after purchase.

  • Website Design Match Guarantee!

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • These articles can also be used in a Printed Company Newsletter.

  • Please include Webmaster/Designer contact details if you have one.

  • Please provide URL of where the content will live, or review URL if the site is not live yet.

  • ICFiles is our proprietary Secure File Sharing system.

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