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SEO Rural

SEO Rural

SEO Rural

Search Engine Optimization helps people find your website on the internet.

With SEO you can make sure your website is higher on the search results page.

More importantly, we can improve your site's rankings in your geographic area.

At Service2Client we don't use magic formulas or gimmicks.

Each site is individually viewed and assessed by our team, and we use our experience and knowledge to achieve the best search results for you.

  1. Search Engine Submissions

  2. Website Review

  3. Reports on Request

  4. SEO Stingray online login - so you can monitor progress

  5. Meta Tags - optimized to your geographic area

  6. Alt Images Tags - optimized to your geographic area

  7. Title Tags - optimized to your geographic area

  8. Submissions to Top US Search Engines

  9. Recommended for city's less than or equal to 150,000 in population..


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