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Voss Bundle Own a Copy

Voss Bundle Own a Copy

Voss Bundle Own a Copy

Your Website Template

First, pick a bundled group of website tools that will make your website more user-friendly and dynamic, and will provide utility services to your clients.

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Next, choose what CMS Content Management System) platform you would like your website to run on.

  • MyWeb  - Most popular pick for entry-level website editors; easy to use, fast, economical and comes with built-in effective SEO.

  • WordPress  - Best pick for beginner bloggers and do-it-yourselfer's; and comes with the largest plug-in library.

Third party software, such as payment services, calendar services and analytics, can be added to these templates. Adding images, videos, formatting and image manipulation are all free.

No set-up fee if you order online.

Service2Client utilizes IBM's Softlayer Network for website hosting and email. 

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