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Secure File Share eSign Bulk Order

eSign Bulk Order

eSign Bulk Order

Growing your business? We can help!

Simply select how many digital electronic signatures you would like to per-purchase.

eSignPackages - One or more documents in one PDF file or Word file with one or multiple signers.

What ICFiles Offers That Others Don’t

  • IBM SOC 2 Type II data centers

  • Electronic Signatures

  • Unlimited client/user accounts

  • Unlimited number of administrator accounts

  • No charges for bandwidth

  • No charges per user

  • Customer branding to match your website look and feel

  • Custom website sign on

  • Free U.S. customer support


Choose how many Adminstrators you would like to have as eSign senders at the bulk rate, you can multiply the Administrators by changing the quantity. Your non-bulk rate Adminstrator will still be able to use the system at $1.50 per eSignPackage.

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